The beauty of Nature

Add the beauty of water flowing over a cascading falls you your Our Back oasis. whether you have a pool or pond a waterfall can bring a soothing element of sound to you living space.

Caleb's Spring

A natural bench with a cascade that works well with both large or small volume of water.

72” long, 36” wide, 11” high, 270 lbs.

Laguna Waterfall

This waterfall features cascades coming from both corners with a wide low profile.

6’9” wide, 3’8” deep, 24” high, / 500 lbs.

Texas 2 Step

Rounded boulder style waterfall comes with natural cobbles to cover mortar joints.  Base pieces have a 3 inch lip so the waterfall looks built in.

9' wide, 5' deep, 26” high, / 1,200 lbs

Jumper Plus

This 3-in-1 rock can be used as a Jump Rock, has a build in Waterfall and has the optional 12” Fire Ring to add life during the evening and winter hours.

67” wide, 34” deep, 32” high, / 300 lbs


This compact waterfall can add a lot of splash and fit in a tight area. The front lip protrudes 8 inches and is 3 inches thick.

3’9” wide, 26” deep, 29” high, 250 lbs.


Water cascades from both corners with shelves designed for kids or pets to sit in and enjoy the moving water.

5’8” wide, 3’10” deep, 28” high, /500 lbs.


The Taurus combines the Stairway and the Heaven to create a waterfall almost 5ft. tall.

Florida 3 Step

This waterfall kit installs in one hour with construction adhesive. It includes sleeves for plumbing and lights. Available with three EggLites and transformer

5’4″ W x 30″ D x 24″ H

28 Inch Kit

Three base pieces allow for installation on a radius. Shown here with optional waterline rock.

80” long, 40” wide, 28” high

Tennessee Ledger

Rounded boulders and a wide ledge piece come with several small cast pieces to hide mortar joints. Side boulders can be placed as needed

10' long, 4' wide, 32” high

4 Piece Ledger

Our most popular waterfall for many years because of the large main ledger piece. Works well with a low or medium water flow (10-40 gpm).

10' wide, 4' deep, 22” high

The Dakota Cascade & Wyoming Bubbler

A peaceful trickle of water enhances any patio. The Wyoming Bubbler and Dakota Cascade were molded from weathered sandstone found on a Wyoming ranch.