Heat Things Up

Adding the element of fire can truly make your space inviting no matter the season.  Either with a natural rock incorporating fire or adding a fire element to a waterfall or bar top this will become the main destination for all as the sun sets in the evening.

Boulder Fire Pit

This natural large Boulder Fire Pit becomes a main feature point inviting you to sit on or prop up your feet to relax on a chilly evening.

63” long, 48” wide, 15” high, / 300 lbs.

Hickory Stump

Molded from an ancient stump on a Virginia Plantation, the hollow cavity conceals the propane tank for a unique fire feature.

Contemporary Bench

Available as a bench or add Colorfall feature and/or a fire effect.

70” long, 20” wide, 20” high, / 300 lbs.


The Countertop is a great functional piece for a Out Back Living environment. Options include a 24 Inch Colorfall or a 48 inch Linear Fire effect. The back is open, ready to welcome bar height chairs.

72” long, 32” wide, 32” high, /300 lbs.

Jumper Plus

This 3-in-1 rock can be used as a Jump Rock, has a build in Waterfall and has the optional 12” Fire Ring to add life during the evening and winter hours.

67” wide, 34” deep, 32” high, / 300 lbs.

Add Fire to any Waterfall

May of our waterfalls feature ample space for propane tank storage and our weathered driftwood planters easily convert to a stunning fire element that can be added to any waterfall.

Featured: Driftwood Fire Atop Stairway Waterfall

Ready to Gather around the fire?

Contact your local dealer and see what options suite your Out Back Living space.