Spreading the natural look around



If the thought of sunning yourself on a natural boulder appeals to you or you like the look of natural elements to bring large scale interest to your landscaping then we have the elements for you.

Desert Bench

Add natural seating in or near your Out Back Room with a sturdy stone
bench. Top is available with a natural, polished or tile finish.

75” long, 22” wide, 18” high, about 300 lbs.


Molded from a small logs originally carved out to feed farm animals, the concrete versions can work the same or used as a planter or fire element.

Driftwood Planter 28

The smallest of the Driftwood Planters at 28 inches long.

Driftwood Planter 40

The mid sized planter sits at 40 inches long.

Driftwood Planter 45

At 45 inches long this planter easily accommodates a fire line insert.


incorporate boulders into the landscape, along your pool or incorporate into one of our waterfalls to expand the look and grandeur of your Out Back Elements. These cast boulders look great on their own or combined to make a statement.


Lead your guest to your Out Back Living space through a series of natural stone slab steps.

are you ready to start your dream space...

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